How to Make Every Post on Blogger Have a Facebook Like Button

Adding a Facebook Like button to your Blogger website lets readers share your content with their Facebook friends. Clicking the Like button posts a link to your blog post on the visitor’s Facebook wall and news feed. Blogger doesn’t offer a Facebook Like button widget, but you can add the Like feature to each blog post by pasting the Like button code into your blog’s template.


Sign in to your Blogger account. Scroll to the blog to which you want to add the Facebook Like button in the lists of blogs displayed on the Blogger Dashboard page.


Click the “Design” tab under the blog’s title. Click the “Edit HTML” tab in the Design submenu at the top of the Add and Arrange Page Elements page.


Go to the “Edit Template” section. Click and enable the “Expand Widget Templates” check box to display your blog template’s complete HTML design code.


Find the “” HTML code tag in the HTML input box. To save scrolling through hundreds of lines of code, press “F3” on your computer keyboard to open the browser’s page search function. Enter the code tag into the search box to quickly find the correct code.


Paste the following Facebook Like button code snippet immediately before the “” tag: